What is the JHeaps library?

JHeaps is a free library that provides various heap implementations written in Java.

Key features:

  • It is easy to use
  • The data structures have a well defined interface
  • It is fast and well documented
  • The heaps are written in a similar way as in the JDK
  • It does not depend on other libraries, so classpathing ‘jheaps.jar’ is sufficient to use in your project.
  • Supports JDK 8 and above

JHeaps development happens on github. Report issues and/or bugs at the issue tracker.

Available Heaps

The library contains an extensive collection of heap data structures such as:

  • Tree-based
    • Fibonacci mergeable and addressable heaps
    • Simple Fibonacci heaps
    • Pairing mergeable and addressable heaps
    • Costless-meld variant of Pairing heaps
    • Rank-Pairing (type-1) mergeable and addressable heaps
    • Leftist mergeable and addressable heaps
    • Explicit binary tree addressable heaps
    • Binary tree soft heaps
    • Skew heaps
  • Dag-based
    • Hollow mergeable and addressable heaps
  • Double-ended mergeable and addressable heaps
    • Reflected Fibonacci heaps
    • Reflected Pairing heaps
  • Array-based
    • Binary heaps
    • Binary addressable heaps
    • D-ary heaps
    • D-ary addressable heaps
    • Binary weak heaps
    • Binary weak heaps supporting bulk insertion
    • Highly optimized binary heaps for integer keys using the Wegener bottom-up heuristic and sentinel values
  • Double-ended array-based
    • Binary MinMax heaps
  • Monotone heaps
    • Addressable radix heaps with double, long, int or BigInteger keys
    • Non-addressable radix heaps with double, long, int or BigInteger keys

Latest version & Requirements

The latest version of JHeaps is 0.14.

Every JHeaps release is published to the Maven Central Repository. You can add a dependency from your project as follows:



Extensive documentation of the available classes and interfaces can be found in the latest version’s javadoc.


The library requires JDK 8 and above.

Python Bindings

We also provide Python bindings which compile the Java library into a native shared library using GraalVM. The result is a native self-contained library with no dependency on the JVM! For more information see the following links: